Music By Michael - Lesson Policies

Welcome to Music by Michael. We are very thankful that you have chosen or are considering your music education and instruction to our care. Music is more than something to experience or a discipline to learn. It is an art form that is intrinsic to being human. Our hope is that you will not just learn music because of its potential to make you a more whole person (which it will), but that music will be something you live and love.


You will find our rates to be comparable with other high-end private and public instructors, and includes costs in the areas of administration, travel, curriculum, communications and lesson prep time. Your lesson tuition will depend on the Lesson Package that you choose (see Lesson Packages & Rates)

Payment - The current billing system is on a monthly plan or up-front payment plan. Please have your payment ready on the first lesson of the month or on the first lesson of your chosen plan. Personal checks are preferable, but I will also accept online payment thru Venmo or Chase Quick Pay.

Late fees - Payment is late when not received on the first lesson day, and a $10 per lesson late fee will be charged.


Time is very valuable to everyone. Please make every effort possible to attend lessons. We realize that none of us can regulate exactly how life is going to go, and so we definitely allow for cancellations.

Cancellation Policy - We have a same day cancellation policy which means that in order to avoid paying a “Same Day Cancel”, please let your teacher know at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us time to insert another student into the teaching schedule. Cancellations not made 24 hours in advance will NOT be re-scheduled or reimbursed. This is the same kind of policy you experience with any high-end service.

Make-up Lessons - We do offer make-up lessons. These lessons must be made-up within one month of the missed lesson time.

Termination Policy - If you plan on terminating your lessons with Music by Michael, please give a 30-day notice. Failure to give such notice will result in a 2-lesson payment penalty.


The best way to reach MBM with the fastest response time is by text message or phone call at 858-412-7471. You can always email, but the turn-around may be a little slower: